Addressing Stakeholders on the Recent Crackdown on Online Lenders in Indonesia

27th Oct 2021, Company News

JAKARTA, INDONESIA—October 27, 2021— Leaders in Indonesia have taken a firm stance on the crackdown in current illegal online lending practices. This is a significant step in regulating the notorious and often unethical fintech lenders that trap many borrowers with alarmingly high-interest loans.

Registered and licensed, Flow as a member of AFPI and AFTECH, supports this move unreservedly. Our mission is to promote ethical and responsible credit management in underserved Asian economies through financial literacy, data, and technology. We know there is a great responsibility on us to do what it takes to ensure fair treatment of borrowers. We also strongly believe that ethical lending has significant impact on a borrower’s indebtedness and strictly only work with ethical lenders.

We would like to strongly emphasize that:

We have reviewed contingency plans of all our partners, our managed service providers, equipment providers, call centre operators, and software providers to ensure that we are all coordinated and operate as a single unit.

We will continue to assess the situation and take appropriate actions so that you have no disruptions and can stay connected with us. We would love to hear your ideas on how we can go the extra mile and help you in this situation. we believe that Flow will be in a stronger position to transform the credit ecosystem in Indonesia through financial literacy movements and ethical collection.

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