The Future of Self-Servicing Channels in Debt Collections

24th May 2021, Industry Insights

A 2006 research paper examining the impact of self-service technology (SST) on restaurant operations made some interesting conclusions. First, the paper found that customers embraced SSTs primarily because of… Read More »

Challenges of Data-Driven Debt Collection and Overcoming them

8th Oct 2020, Technology

There's no doubt that predictive analysis and modeling are the future of efficient and effective debt collection industry. The solutions to the challenges the industry presently face can be… Read More »

Utilising technology to maximise debt recovery

21st May 2020, Technology

Technology is reshaping everything under the sun, collection is no different. Social distancing has already increased the industry's dependence on digital technology, and this will not change in the… Read More »

Making Debt Recovery Smarter and Easier

29th Apr 2019, Technology

Financial institutions are increasingly moving away from aggressive collection tactics to recover debts. Traditional practices deployed to monitor potential defaulters and collect overdue amounts often lead to a failure… Read More »